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Broken Car Keys Birmingham

We have the most comprehensive services that relate to broken car keys in Birmingham and surrounding areas, and it often takes place that that many types ok keys are destroyed to the point by which they cannot effectively function anymore. Many broken car keys can actually be replaced and repaired at a decent cost, and certainly lower than any dealer would ask for. In most cases, when the key becomes too old, it is subject to breakage. So if by any chance you still have in your possession the broken pieces of the key itself, our professionals will piece them back together to create one complete key.

Much of our experience tells us that worn down keys will eventually bend and break in locks as well as ignition sources, so it is our job to help drivers with breakages that have taken place in the ignition barrel. If you are dealing with an issue such as this, we will do our best to remove the parts, the slivers, or pieces that have caused the mechanism’s congestion. After this point, we can replace the key or remove the ignition if needed. Many kinds of vehicles do not operate simply because the key is so damaged and worn that it simply ceases functioning. Some kinds of American made vehicles are known for this common deficiency. Basically, the key wears down to the tip, making it absolutely impossible to work. In some cases, the key may actually work by way of locking the doors, but then you may find yourself unable to unlock it—a lot of good that does.


Many newer makes and models of vehicles come with a remote supply device, and when working effectively, the alarm and lock system are very secure and convenient for their users. The issue lies in the fact that often this new technology fails, making repairs all too common and costly. We can do our best to deal with remote issues, and in the case that we can fix the remote itself, then we will certainly do so, for this is ideal; however, if we cannot, we will be forced to utilize a brand new device and program it accordingly. The older key blade will be traded for a newer remote. We are proudly the most experienced and enthused professionals dealing with broken car keys in Birmingham, and we are looking forward to serving you with issues of this nature. 


Here is a list of some of the services that we offer to our clients. All oue rates are very affordable:
  • Auto Locksmiths
  • Motorbike
  • Residential
  • Commercial

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